Henk Stunnenberg coordinator of BLUEPRINT, a high impact project receiving € 30 million EU-funding.


For the oncoming 4,5 years, prof. Henk Stunnenberg (Department of Molecular Biology) will be the coordinator of BLUEPRINT, a unique EU-FP7 High Impact Project involving an international consortium comprising 41 leading European universities, research institutes and industry entrepreneurs. The project has a total budget of close to € 40 million and aims to further the understanding of how our genes are activated or repressed, in particular in blood cells of both healthy and diseased individuals. BLUEPRINT will generate at least 100 reference epigenomes and study them to advance and exploit knowledge of the underlying biological processes and mechanisms in health and disease.

The BLUEPRINT project officially starts on October 1, 2011 and is the European cornerstone of an international research cooperation effort - the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC) -, gathering numerous organisations and researchers from across the globe. Future results will shed new light on the link between genes, environment and health; which can be used to improve the diagnosis, treatment and cure of numerous diseases, such as diabetes and cancer.

On October 3+4, the official BLUEPRINT kick-off meeting will take place in Amsterdam. Scientific leaders and representatives of national funding agencies from the USA (National Institutes of Health), Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Korean, Germany and Italy, representing a total allocated funding of 300-350 M€, will attend this meeting. The opening address will be given by Patricia Reilly, on behalf of European Commissioner for Research and Innovation, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn.

Henk Stunnenberg will be responsible for the overall coordination of the BLUEPRINT project and will represent the EC in the International Scientific Steering Committee of the  IHEC initiative.

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