Boost for Radboud molecular (developmental) biology research

Zhou, Kamminga, Mulder

In a significant boost for Radboud molecular (developmental) biology research three academic hospital and science faculty tenure track fellowships have been awarded to Dr. Jo Huiqing Zhou (middle), Dr. Klaas Mulder (left), and Dr. Leonie Kamminga (right).

Dr. Zhou's research aims at elucidating genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in developmental diseases. Several patient-derived cellular model systems (e.g. iPSCs and epithelial keratinocytes) are used in her research to study gene regulatory networks.

Dr. Mulder is interested in the complex genetic networks controlling epidermal stem cell behaviour. His research tools include quantitative large-scale genetic screening, computational, contemporary genomics and novel cell biological technologies.

The research of Dr. Kamminga aims at unraveling how epigenetic mechanisms are involved in controlling cellular identity during normal and abnormal development, using zebrafish as a model system.

FNWI tenure track fellows Dr. Zhou and Dr. Mulder are affiliated in Molecular Developmental Biology headed by Prof. Gert Jan Veenstra. RUNMC tenure track fellow Dr. Kamminga is affiliated in Molecular Biology headed by Prof. Henk Stunnenberg.

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