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C-COMEND Free of charge course in Translational Medicine: 4  EATRIS scholarships available!

Funded by ERASMUS+ programme, the C-COMEND course will provide participants with the knowledge, philosophy and tools needed in translational research and medicines development, and empower them to make a difference in translational medicine.

The course will be offered free of charge to a selected number of late PhDs and early postdocs and will consist of an introductory e-learning module (20 hours learning time) and a 5-day face-to-face course (November 2016, Manchester, UK). 

We are happy to announce that EATRIS will grant 4 scholarships to EATRIS-affiliated participants, covering all travel and accommodation costs. To benefit from a scholarship, students need to be enrolled at one of the EATRIS institutions, scholarships will be awarded based on merit. Read more.


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