Since the first “RIHS Cocktails & Awards” last year was very successful, RIHS will continue this tradition.

On Wednesday 21 June (16:00 -17:00 hours), just prior to the Midsummernight event for all Radboudumc PhD candidates and Postdocs, the RIHS awardees will accept their award during the second RIHS Cocktails & Awards. Be there!




RIHS researchers are invited to propose candidates for these three awards:

  1. The RIHS PhD Award 2016 for the PhD candidate who delivered the best thesis in 2016
  2. The RIHS Societal Impact Award 2016 for the RIHS research product with the highest impact on society
  3. The RIHS Science Award 2016 for the best peer-reviewed publication

 Deadline for submission is 24 March 2017.

 Detailed information about the awards and the procedures can be found here.


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