Call for RIMLS Awards

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Each year, RIMLS provides several awards:

1. The M.Sc. student who produced the best scientific report of their practical research project

2. The PhD student that delivered the best thesis

3. The RIMLS breakthrough paper. The best peer-reviewed publication which should relate to a major scientific "breakthrough" that advances scientific understanding

4. The RIMLS travel award is available for work-related travel (e.g. conference, work placement) expenses

More information can be found on: link

All (j)PIs are invited to propose candidates for all awards before December 1st 2015. 

Nominations must be accompanied with a motivation (including three copies of thesis/report or a digital version) and send to the RIMLS secretariat (259 RIMLS). 
A jury will be appointed (consisting of (j)PIs not involved with any of the candidates). Awards will be distributed at the RIMLS New Years drink.

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