Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion

Figdor Knight

Carl Figdor, our tumour immunologist, enjoys great authority worldwide. He investigates how the cells that make up the human immune system make pathogenic intruders harmless and how these cells can be used against cancer. He also conducts research into the application of imaging techniques by which molecular processes in the immune system can be made visible. He translates his research to experimental immunotherapies, allowing terminally ill cancer patients to live longer. Carl Figdor's expertise is of great importance for the development of cancer vaccines.

As head of the Department of Tumour Immunology Figdor provides in particular for training future generations of researchers, who can build on their knowledge and skills. Interest in science starts at the Elementary School and he brings science closer to children and their teachers via the Science Node which he founded.

To acknowledge all his work for the general community Her Majesty honored Carl Figdor with the highly prestigious Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion.Knight

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