Celia van Gelder cited in Nature Careers

Gelder, Celia van

Celia van Gelder (NBIC/CMBI) cited in Nature Careers about bioinformatics training.

The BioWise Education Programme of NBIC (Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre) has received international attention and recognition. In spring 2011 the international Mid-Term Review Committee called the programme "phenomenal" and recently both Jaap Heringa (VU, NBIC director education) and Celia van Gelder (NBIC/CMBI, Project Leader Education) have been interviewed for Nature Careers.  The scope of the BioWise programme is broad, it delivers teaching in bioinformatics for target groups of many different levels. Celia van Gelder: "We want to train the tool shapers as well as the people more into applying the tools". See   the Nature story and also the NBIC website.

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