Contribution to Nature Nanotechnology Publication

Favretto , Marco

Marco Favretto (photo left) and Roland Brock (photo right)  from the Department of Biochemistry coauthored a Nature Nanotechnology publication on self-organized artificial viruses. This project, led by scientists from the University of Wageningen and in collaboration with researchers from TU Eindhoven and the University in Leiden, used modular recombinant proteins for the defined packaging of DNA implementing functional principles found for natural viruses. These insights should lead to more effective vehicles for gene therapy. The department of Biochemistry contributed expertise in the analysis of the intracellular trafficking of the artificial viruses.




 Design and self-assembly of simple coat proteins for artificial viruses. Hernandez-Garcia A, Kraft DJ, Janssen AF, Bomans PH, Sommerdijk NA, Thies Weesie DM, Favretto ME, Brock R, de Wolf FA, Werten MW, van der Schoot P, Stuart MC, de Vries R. Nat Nanotechnol.10.1038/nnano.2014.169, 2014

Brock, Roland

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