Many researchers will be familiar with the COmissie Regelgeving Onderzoek, which is a committee of Federa. The primary goal of COREON is to achieve a good climate for observational medical research in the Netherlands. For this purpose, two Codes of Conduct, known as “Code Goed Gedrag”and “Code Goed Gebruik”, have been established. In COREON, all UMCs and medical research institutes are united. Juridical support is given by Medlaw Consult.
The representative of Radboudumc has been Jos van Dijck (left photo), PhD from the Department for Health Evidence, but she has found a successor in Peggy Manders (right photo), PhD from the Radboud Biobank and the Department of Human Genetics.

Current issues of debate in the COREON are the European legislation, Wet Medenzeggenschap Lichaamsmateriaal, ethical review of non-WMO research, data sharing and open access publication. If you have questions on these issues, or on the codes of conduct, you can contact Peggy Manders.

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