Daniela Wilson appointed as professor

Wilson, Daniela.jpg

As from 15 April Daniela Wilson is appointed as full professor of Systems Chemistry. Daniela is member and leader of the theme Nanomedicine.

Daniela Wilson conducts research at the interface between chemistry, physics and bioscience using principles from supramolecular chemistry, macromolecular chemistry and nanotechnology to design interactive systems with emergent functions and adaptive behaviour.

The focus of her research is on the design of molecules and their interaction to generate structures with complex behaviour with a strong emphasis on the emergence of function from complex supramolecular assemblies such as motion, selective transport, regulated transport and collective behaviour of systems colonies.

A strong current topic of research is the design of synthetic motile systems: generation of autonomous movement in synthetic supramolecular systems and controlling their motion, directionality and collective behaviour. To this end she is using principles from supramolecular chemistry, molecular design and catalysis for harvesting different sources of energy into translational motion. This line of research was awarded in 2012 with an ERC starting grant.

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