Dutch Arthritis Foundation Grants for Peter van der Kraan

Kraan, Peter van der

Peter van der Kraan of the Laboratory of Experimental Rheumatology has obtained two grants of the Dutch Arthritis Foundation (Nationaal Reumafonds), with a total sum of Euro 460.000.

The first grant will study whether the loss of TGF beta-induced Smad3 phosphorylation during aging cartilage is involved in the development of osteoarthritis. The project is entitled "Interleukin-37 and phospho-Smad3, critical couple in the prevention of chondrocyte activation and OA development".

The second grant is entitled "Aggrecanase-induced aggrecan loss but no osteoarthritis. It takes two to tango?". This project will study the role of the protease ADAMTS5 in cartilage destruction in osteoarthritis, making use of locally inducible and tissue specific transgenic mouse models.

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