Dutch pathologists amongst top in EU

Krieken, Han van

Four Dutch professors of Pathology are among the best scientists in Europe in their field. One of them is Prof. Han van Krieken, Head of the Dept. of Pathology. The ranking was made by Lab Times magazine based  on more than 20,000 scientific articles in the field of pathology and citations in the period 2005 - 2011. The Netherlands has four researchers in the European Top 30:

Prof. Chris Meijer, VUmc, 3.
Prof. Peter Mills, VUmc, 16.
Prof. Leendert Looijenga, Erasmus MC, 22.
Prof. Han van Krieken, Radboudumc, 28.

The most important country for pathology is Germany, followed by England. However, the work of the Swiss, Portuguese and Dutch researchers is most cited.

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