500 k€ EFRO subsidy for Prof. Peter Hermans

Hermans, Peter

The European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO) have announced a € 2,6 million subsidy to support research into new food products to strengthen the immune system in humans and animals. Partners include: Trouw Nutrition Nederland BV (Putten), Mead Johnson Nutrition BV (Nijmegen), Wageningen Universiteit, Universiteit Utrecht, UMCN St. Radboud (Nijmegen) en NIZO food research (Ede). The partners themselves will invest an additional € 2,6 million.

In the first months after birth, the immune system of humans and animals is not yet fully developed. Via, for example, the breast milk all kinds of important substances are transferred directly to the young to provide protection against pathogens and to help the immune system to develop further. However young animals and newborn children are still susceptible to infections affecting e.g. the gastrointestinal tract or respiratory tract.  The project 'ImmunoForce' combines scientific and product-technical knowledge from academic and industrial partners with the aim of developing safe food products that enhance early immunity in children and young animals. It is hoped that this will result in reduced use of antibiotics and a decreased occurrence of antibiotic resistance.

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