EMBO fellowship for Marleen Ansems

Ansems, Marleen

Dr. Marleen Ansems (Department of Tumor Immunology) has been awarded an EMBO short-term fellowship for her project entitled: The physiological role of DC-SCRIPT in Dendritic Cell and Cancer Biology. The fellowship for 3 months has been awarded to conduct research in the laboratory of Prof. Marco Colonna at the department of Pathology and Immunology, Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis, US.

DC-SCRIPT is a protein found to be expressed by human dendritic cells (DCs), whereas no expression was detected in other cells of the immune system. DC-SCRIPT is a marker for all human DC subsets and it modulates pathogen induced cytokine production. In addition, DC-SCRIPT is a nuclear receptor (NR) coregulator with prognostic significance in breast cancer.

To further investigate its role in DCs and cancer biology, Marleen visited the lab of prof. Colonna, who is a renowned expert in murine DC biology. Her visit focused on determining the role of DC-SCRIPT in the murine immune system and in particular in murine DCs.

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