Embrace psoriasis in Amsterdam


Embrace psoriasis in Amsterdam
World Psoriasis Day on Saturday October 29th

"Patients in collaboration with psoriasis and professional associations join forces against prejudices about psoriasis with a heartwarming embrace event."

Next saturday, the 29th of October, World Psoriasis Day will take place, a yearly event, organized by internationally collaborating psoriasis patient associations, together striving for the goal: more awareness and understanding for patients with psoriasis. 

Also in Amsterdam a special event is planned. At the Gerard Douplein, life-size posters will be exposed, showing Giorgia and Joost, two young adults with severe psoriasis all over their body. People passing by will be invited to literally embrace the pictures. An approachable and sympathetic gesture to show that it is not very difficult to touch people with psoriasis.

This awareness campaign is an initiative of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Dermatologie en Venereologie (NVDV) in collaboration with patient associations and partners from pharmaceutical companies. 

Visit the website http://www.omarmpsoriasis.nl  and see the story of Giorgia at youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdqTug_ZLoo) !

Elke de Jong, Professor of Skin Inflammatory Diseases, mentions that 44% of those surveyed do not want to have a sexual relationship with someone with psoriasis, 30% think a kiss on the cheek is to much and 28% refuse to shake hands. These high numbers are mainly caused by wrong assumptions about hygiene and contagiousness.


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