Employability outside academia

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Employability outside academia, of which the first edition is sponsored by Amsterdam Economic Board, is a newly developed course, specifically targeting Early Career Researchers (ECRs) in the preparative phase to make the transition to industry. In three days, the course programme provides a comprehensive insight into what the industry demands from ECR's, as well as supports participants to work on their personal development in order to increase their employability in the industry. Each participant will be evaluated in detail on individual skill sets and provided a personalised tool to manage long-term personal development.  

The course is aimed at final year PhD students and postdoc's. Further information can be found: link. Only subsidized participation is possible. NCMLS can apply for subsidy on your behalf. Download and print the following form: link. Complete the section of motivation and the details on page 2. Sign, scan and email to A.Cohen@ncmls.ru.nl. After NCMLS has signed your application you will have to register via: link.

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