EUROSTARS Grant obtained

Koopman, Werner

A EUROSTARS grant of € 2.1 million involving Werner Koopman (Top, Dept. of Biochemistry and Director R&D of Khondrion BV), Peter Willems  (middle, Dept. of Biochemistry) and Jan Smeitink (bottom, Dept. of Pediatrics and founding CEO of Khondrion BV), has been awarded to a transnational consortium. The latter includes ElexoPharm GmbH (Saarbruecken), Pharmacelsus GmbH (Saarbruecken), the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (RUNMC, Nijmegen), and Khondrion BV (Nijmegen). This grant (acronym: "MITOTREAT"), which for the  Dutch partners comes from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, will support an ambitious scientific collaboration to discover treatments for mitochondrial diseases with high unmet medical need (approximately 300,000 patients in industrialized countries).


Willems, Peter

During the three years' grant period, each partner of this multidisciplinary European consortium will contribute its expertise to reach their shared goal. 

Khondrion acts as the consortium leader and will carry out the in vitro evaluation of the new chemical entities, including screening in their cell-based mitochondrial disease models. ElexoPharm is responsible for the design and synthesis of small pharmaceutical molecules with state of the artin silicomodeling and medicinal chemistry technologies. Pharmacelsus is going to perform ADME, toxicity and PK studies in their GLP-certified facilities, and the RUNMC will evaluate the best compounds regarding in vivo efficacy in preclinical studies to achieve Proof of Principle.


Smeitink, Jan

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