Excursion to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports




On June 25th, the RIHS PhD council organized a visit to the Ministry of Health. The attending PhD students were welcomed at the Ministry of Health by Annelous Meij, (staff) Advisor Governance and Political Affairs at the Ministry of Health, and Andre Kleinmeulman, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Health.  André Kleinmeulman gave an introduction on how the Ministry of Health is organized, who works within the Ministry and how policy making is done in general. Subsequently, there was a discussion led by Patrick Jeurissen, Chief Strategy Group Ministry of Health & chief Program Fiscal Sustainability Health Care at Radboudumc. The discussion focussed on the relation of science and policy making, what the difficulties are combining those two, and how to minimize the gap between them. After a short tour through the building, the visit finished with a lunch. The visit was a great opportunity to get introduced at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, and see where science can meet policy making!

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