FEBS fellowship for Judith Cluitmans

Cluitmans , Judith

Judith Cluitmans, PhD student in the group of Prof. Roland Brock, Dept. of Biochemistry, has been awarded a FEBS Short-Term Fellowship for her project entitled "Erythropoiesis as a new model to explore the molecular pathophysiology of choreoacanthocytosis (ChAc)".

She is visiting the lab of Dr. Ashley Toye at the Bristol University to learn how to grow red blood cells in vitro from CD34+ cells. This can be used as a model to study the effects of the absence of the protein chorein on erythropoiesis in patients with choreoacanthocytosis (ChAc). ChAc is caused by a mutation in the gene for chorein and is characterized by severe neurodegeneration and abnormally shaped red blood cells (acanthocytes).

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