Four million Euros for Developmental and Computational Biology

Veenstra, Gert-Jan

A €4 Million European training grant has been awarded to an international consortium led and coordinated by Prof.  Gert Jan Veenstra (Dept. Molecular Developmental Biology). From the same department computational biologist Dr. Simon van Heeringen also contributes to the project.

The European training network on Developmental and Computational Biology (acronym DevCom) will work towards bridging the gap between developmental and computational biology and aims to elucidate embryonic gene regulatory and developmental networks, including those associated with disease, by integrating molecular-, developmental-, statistical- and computational approaches.

DevCom will train 12 PhD students and two experienced researchers at eight partner institutions in five countries: The Netherlands (Nijmegen and Utrecht), United Kingdom (London and Norwich), Spain (Seville), France (Paris and Evry) and Denmark (Aarhus).

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