Frye Stipendium for Sanaz Berahmani


Sanaz Berahmani from the Orthopaedic Research Lab was awarded the "Dr. I.B.M. Frye-stipendium grant 2014". The Frye-stipendium has being awarded since 1990 yearly to ten promising female researchers from the Radboud University and Radboudumc. The stipends aim to encourage female PhD-students to visit a foreign university. Sanaz Berahmani will visit the Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia with her stipendium to collaborate with Prof. Mark Taylor. During the past years, she has been using both experimental and computational modelling techniques to understand the role of the patient related factors such as bone quality and also design parameters on the biomechanical performance of press-fit implants. Due to the limitations of experimental methods, computational modelling techniques based on Finite Element (FE) modelling have become very popular. However, it is becoming extremely difficult to cover all sources of variation by the standard patient-specific FE modelling. Most recently, Statistical Shape and Intensity Model (SSIM) techniques has been developed to account for the different sources of variation by generating thousands of models from a small dataset. In this regard, her objective is to create a SSIM of current patient-specific models of a femoral knee implant. This approach will lead to a better understanding of press-fit implants, which aides to further improve current implant designs, thereby improving patient outcome and satisfaction.


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