Gerard Rongen Member CCMO

Rongen , Gerard

After a period of replacement membership, Gerard Rongen will be appointed as a member of the CCMO ('Centrale Commissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek') per 15 June 2017, in the function of clinical pharmacologist.

The CCMO gives an ethical-scientific judgment of human research to gene therapy, vaccination, cell therapy, embryo research, research involving non-therapeutic research in children, and research at addicts. In addition, the CCMO supervises recognized ethics committees (METCs), and is the CCMO as competent authority charged with the (marginally) judgment of drug research.

The CCMO acts as appeal body in case an administrative appeal is brought against a decision of a recognized ethics committee, and the CCMO has an important information function when it comes to medical-scientific research with people that is (partly) executed in the Netherlands.

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