GFI is crucial for AML1-ETO induced acute myeloid leukemia

Reijden, Bert van der

Bert van der Reijden talks to ecancer at the 17th European Haematology Association Congress in Amsterdam about onco-gene repression and de-repression.

AML1-ETO, transcription factors that affect gene expression in cancer cells, can potentially lead to identification of a drugable target during the transcription process.

During the study of AML1-ETO, GFI1 (growth factor independent 1) was also discovered. Dr van der Reijden's study found that patients with the AML-ETO mutation have a high expression of GFI1.

The importance of this study is the identification of a crucial factor in the development of the leukaemia, which could result in drugs that inhibit the AML1-ETO and GFI1 expression, hopefully resulting in apoptosis of the cancer cells.


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