Grant by the German Ministry for Education and Research

Brock, Roland-2012

The department of biochemistry (Roland Brock) will participate in a three-year Academic/Industry collaboration project "Platform for efficient epithelial transport for pharmaceutical applications via innovative particulate carrier systems" (PeTrA)(Funding Ref. No.: 13N11454). The project with a total volume of € 6 million is part of the BMBF grant project "Efficient drug transport in biological systems - BioMatVital: Biotransporters and joins several partners from academia and industry among which are Evonik Industries and Merck KGaA.

The partners will collaborate in formulating biopharmaceuticals in non-toxic nano- and microcarriers. Additional functionalization of these carriers aims to enable safe transport through the mucous membranes and successful delivery to the physiological target. Currently, there is no efficient and broadly applicable system for the non-invasive administration of such drugs. Usually, they are injected. The development of peroral and inhalatory delivery strategies will offer significant benefits particularly in long-term therapy with regard to patients' comfort and safety. The group of Roland Brock acts as a subcontractor to Evonik and will contribute its unique expertise on transport molecules for improving the transport across membranes.


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