Grant for project of Pieter Buma

Buma, Pieter

Dr. Pieter Buma (NCMLS) has obtained a grant of 570 KE for his project "A functional tissue-regenerating meniscus implant". The project aims at the development of a resorbable meniscus implant. The project will be carried out in close cooperation with Prof. dr. D.W. Grijpma, Department of Biomaterials Science and Technology (BST), MIRA Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine, University of Twente (UTwente), with DSM and with Medisse a small spin-off company of the UTwente. In the project a functional tissue regenerating implant for the replacement of a resected meniscus will be developed. The implant will be based on MRI images of the meniscus and high resolution stereolithography. This advanced processing technology allows the creation of anatomically shaped personalized meniscus implants based on graphical computer data obtained by MRI.


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