Hans Bloemendal: in remembrance

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Emeritus Prof. Hans Bloemendal (1923-2015) who passed away this week will be remembered, among other things, for his passion for research, religion and life. We send our condolences to Miriam Bloemendal, his family, many friends and colleagues. 

Hans Bloemendal (1923) was born to Dutch parents in the German city of Fulda. Under the Nazi regime, it was impossible to continue learning and so his parents sent him to Amsterdam. During the war Hans Bloemendal went into hiding; his parents and sister were killed in Sobibor. After the war, his Jewish life tattered, the young Bloemendal found solace in his religion, in particular in the synagogue,  where he was captivated by music. He set-up a Jewish youth initiative and started writing children's books to pass on Jewish traditions to the next generation. Hans Bloemendal was the principal singer (Chief Cantor) of Amsterdam's main synagogue since 1949 and produced many CD’s of his work. At the age of 87, his CD ‘Schlof Main Kind’ was dedicated to his daughter, who passed away.  The proceeds from this CD were donated to the fight against cancer.  

Hans Bloemendal has made significant contributions to the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology throughout his illustrious career and as a prominent scientist at the forefront of research on lens proteins, he was the first to provide a new insight into the complex behaviour of lens proteins. From 1965 to 1988, he was full professor of Biochemistry at the Radboud University Nijmegen, working within the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (formerly NCMLS). Hans was an inspiration to us all, highlighted by the Hans Bloemendal lecture award that has been bestowed on a number of very prominent scientists active in many different research fields (link).

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