Highly elastic and self-healing composite gels for regenerative medicine

diba, Mani 2015.jpg

A new study published in Advanced Materials could help biomaterial scientists to design a new generation of self-healing biomaterials for regenerative medicine.

Mani Diba (photo up) and Sander Leeuwenburgh, theme Reconstructive & Regenerative Medicine, together with colleagues from Harvard University and Dalian University of Technology, developed a highly elastic and self-healing colloidal composite gel by electrostatic assembly of silica and gelatin nanoparticles. This novel nanocomposite gel combines a very strong capacity for self-healing with high mechanical robustness in terms of tensile and compressive strength. This combination of properties was obtained by a delicate design and thorough mechanistic studies of the composition and structure of these composite gels. Consequently, applications in the biomedical field such as bioprinting and tissue regeneration may benefit from the dynamic, adaptive nature as well as the intriguing mechanical and handling properties of this material.

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 Sander Leeuwenburgh




Colloidal composite gel composed
of solid silica (green) and soft gelatin
(red) nanoparticles.

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