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For our international colleagues.

The city of Nijmegen (council) is currently investigating housing issues regarding expats. To gather input regarding this topic and for future implementation of a strategy regarding housing for expats, the city of Nijmegen has developed a questionnaire (please see link below). It would help the city of Nijmegen - as well as future colleagues of yours - a lot if you would be so kind to fill out the questionnaire. Thank you for the effort in advance.

Nijmegen aims to provide a good environment for the establishment of new businesses. This is important for the economic vitality of the city. We have chosen to prioritise high-potential sectors such as health care and technology. The availability of knowledge workers is essential in a globalised economy in which knowledge is becoming ncreasingly important in order to operate competitively. These workers are often people like you: expats who are working here for a short or extended period of time, and who need good housing fast. We have developed a short questionnaire in order to learn more about the housing needs of expatriates. With the results, we hope to be able to substantiate our policy and to work in a more focused way.

Would you like to fill in this short online questionnaire? It won't take longer than 5  minutes.


Kind regards,

On behalf of the Expat Platform,

TineVerheij-van der Linden/Margot van der Mark
Expats City of Nijmegen
Bureau Routine

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