Impaired glucose tolerance during pregnancy

Bindels colleagues PNAS 2012.jpg

This month in PNAS Anil Nair (not on photo), Sjoerd Verkaart, Femke van Zeeland, René Bindels and Joost Hoenderop, together with colleagues from Germany, Switzerland and China demonstrated a vital role of the magnesium channel TRPM6 in Diabetes type 2. The incidence of Diabetes has increased markedly over de last 50 years and in 2010 approximately 285 million people have been diagnosed with the disease. TRPM6 is normally activated by insulin but the channel seems "deaf" for this hormone in pregnant woman who develop type 2 Diabetes leading to disturbances in body magnesium balance. There is a strong association of magnesium shortage and the occurence of Diabetes type 2 but so far the molecular mechanism was not clear. Our study provides the first mechanistic clue to explain this phenomenon.

This weekend the most popular national paper of the Netherlands, the Telegraaf, covers our new publication in an article.

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