IMPORTANT NOTICE: NCMLS server shut down

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The NCMLS server (location, \\umcncmls01\) is more than 10 years old, no longer receives regular maintenance and is therefore susceptible to crashing with the eventual loss of data. The NCMS has no option but to gradually and efficiently shut down this server. 



Data storage:

Departments who currently store data on this server should find alternative solutions before 31st December 2013. The relevant Heads of Departments have already been informed. Nearly 30GB of temporary data is currently stored in the directory  \\umcncmls01\NCMLStemp$. This data should either be deleted/moved by the owner. As per 31st December 2013, access with be denied.

Printer drivers:

A host of printer drivers are located on the server. For the Ricoh printers, we are currently looking into a solution via Beter 2.0. After 31st december 2013, all other UMC/FNWI non-supported printers reliant on a driver on this server may no longer function.


A host of shareware and other programs are on  \\umcncmls01\NCMLStemp$. Since over 3000 UMC people have access to these programs, it is not possible for us to decipher which programs are still currently in use, how often and by whom. Departments themselves are requested to look into the implications of shutting down this server.


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