Ioannis Sechopoulos appointed associate professor

Sechopoulos, Ioannis_VK.jpg

Dr Ioannis Sechopoulos (Radiology and Nuclear Medicine) has been appointed associate professor in X-ray based tomographic techniques.

Dr Sechopoulos got his PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, USA, performing research in the area of breast tomosynthesis imaging. Since then, his main area of research is the development of advanced x-ray based imaging techniques, especially for breast cancer detection, diagnosis and therapy response monitoring. Dr. Sechopoulos has performed extensive work in radiation dosimetry, x-ray scatter modeling and correction, image acquisition optimization and image reconstruction algorithm development for both digital breast tomosynthesis and dedicated breast computed tomography. He also performs clinical trials to assess the clinical performance of these and other novel breast cancer imaging technologies. His current funded projects are on image quality improvement and clinical assessment of breast tomosynthesis for breast cancer screening and dedicated breast CT for breast cancer diagnosis and the development and testing of a novel radiation dosimetry method for patient-specific dose estimates in breast imaging.


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