Jan Keunen member Health Council of the Netherlands

Keunen, Jan

Prof. Jan Keunen (Opthalmology) has been appointed by Royal Decree as member of the Health Council of the Netherlands (Gezondheidsraad) from 1 January 2014.

The Health Council consists of about 200 members and is an independent scientific advisory body to advise ministers and Parliament in the field of public health and health/healthcare research. The Health Council does not meet on a plenary basis, but instead operates in independent, multidisciplinary committees and eight standing committees of about 15 Council members each.

Other RIHS members of the Health Council of the Netherlands are: Prof. Pim Assendelft, Prof. Wil van den Bosch, Prof. Didi Braat, Prof. Richard Grol, Prof. Maria Hopman, Prof. Toine Lagro, Dr Nel Roeleveld, Prof. Anne Speckens, Prof. André Verbeek and Prof. Gerhard Zielhuis.

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