KIKA grant for lab of Pediatric Oncology

Middelbeek, Jeroen, Leeuwen, Frank van

A grant of 500 k€ was awarded by KiKa (Kinderen Kankervrij) to the Laboratory of Pediatric Oncology to study mechanisms of neuroblastoma metastasis formation. Neuroblastoma is the second-most common solid tumor in children. Although survival rates for patients with localized disease have improved over the past decades, the prognosis of children with metastatic disease remains poor. Studies by Jeroen Middelbeek, Dr. Frank van Leeuwen and Peter Hoogerbrugge, performed in collaboration with the department of cell biology at the NKI, have identified the cation channel TRPM7 as part of a cytoskeletal complex that drives metastasis formation. The aim of the current study is to define the importance of this molecular network in neuroblastoma invasion and metastasis.

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