Kolff-grant for Martijn Wilmer

Wilmer , Martijn

Martijn Wilmer of the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology has been awarded a Kolff career stimulation grant (200,000 Euro) by the Dutch Kidney Foundation, for a 2.7-year project entitled: "Protect renal function by supporting the gate keepers: new methods to stimulate renal drug transporters".

The Kolff career stimulation grant is intended for highly talented young post docs in the field of renal research. The awarded project involves the development of a suitable human cell model to study the regulation of renal drug transporters and target their transcription factors in order to increase uremic toxin and drug excretion, and reduce nephrotoxicity.

Patients suffering from kidney disease are often treated with a variety of drugs. Drug-drug interactions at the level of renal transporters can result in further progression of renal injury, eventually leading to end stage renal disease. In addition, glomerular and tubular dysfunctions lead to accumulation of waste products and xenobiotics (e.g. uremic toxins and drugs). Detailed insights in the regulation of the transport systems that drive their renal excretion, as obtained from this project, will improve the understanding in renal xenobiotic clearance. This can eventually lead to new therapeutic strategies for patients with chronic kidney disease in order to improve renal function and decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease, a consequence of accumulating uremic toxins.


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