KWF-fellowship for Marleen Ansems

Ansems, Marleen

Dr. Marleen Ansems from the department of Tumor Immunology has been awarded a 4 year KWF-fellowship for fundamental research from the Dutch Cancer Society for her project entitled "The impact of TAM receptor signaling in anti-tumor immunity"

Dendritic cells (DC) are the professional antigen presenting cells of the immune system and are important for an effective immune response against pathogens as well as against tumor cells. Importantly, lack of DCs that effectively steer anti-tumor responses are at the core of inefficient immune responses against tumor cells and the limited success of some DC-based immunotherapies. An important immune inhibitory mechanism in DCs is driven by the TAM receptor pathway. As TAM-mediated signaling in DCs leads to the inhibition of their function, targeting critical points in the TAM pathway in DCs may increase the immune response, ultimately leading to enhanced DC activity and thus enhanced anti-tumor immunity. Altogether, the work supported by this fellowship will increase the knowledge on this inhibitory pathway in DCs and test the efficacy of targeting the TAM signaling towards the development of more efficacious cancer immunotherapies.

The project will be performed at the department of Immunobiology, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA (with Dr. Carla Rothlin) and the Department of Tumor Immunology in Nijmegen (with Prof. Dr. Adema).

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