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Dr. Joanne de Hullu  (Obstetrics & Gynecology), Dr. Rosella Hermens (IQ healthcare) and Prof.  Nicoline Hoogerbrugge (Humans Genetics) have received a  € 469.900 KWF Grant for the project entitled "Early TUbectomy with delayed oophorectomy to improve quality of life as alternative for salpingo-oophorectomy in BrcA mutation carriers: TUBA study"

In BRCA 1/2carriers a risk-reduciing salpingo-oophorectomy (RRSO) is recommended around 40 year , based on 10-40% life-time risk on ovarian cancer, dissapointing results of ovariam surveillance and high mortality of ovarian cancer. Effects of RRSO are immediate menopause and non-cancer related morbidiy on one hand an d reduced breast (50%) and ovarian (80-96%) cancer on the other. An alternative strategy for RRSO is developed based on a recent studies showing that most high-grade serous ovarian cancers develop at the distalend of the fallopian tube: risk-reducing salpigectomy (RRS) with delayed risk-reducing oophorectomy (RRO). However, tha safety of this strategy has not been proven yet.  Befor offering this alternative strategy to BRCA 1/2 carriers, consequences of implementation need to be studied. The strong need for an alternative treatment, the uncotrolled introduction of the RRS and a  target group of very self-assured women who want to decide on their own treatment, make that professionals are fully convinced a randommized trial is not feasible. Our nationwide study group has the unique opportunity to perfom a non-randomized observational study to provide answers on the above mentioned issuses. The aim of the non-randomized observational study is to evaluate RRS after childbearing with delayed RRO as an alternative for RRSO in BRCA 1/2 mutaition carriers. 

Hoogerbrugge, Nicoline Hermens , Rosella Hullu De , Joanne 

Nicoline Hoogerbrugge         Rosella Hermens                  Joanne de Hullu


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