Awarded KWF grants - round 2017-I

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The KWF awarded projects from RIHS and RIMLS researchers.

We congratulate our researchers with this funding and wish them a lot of success with their great work. 

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undefinedResearch project "The clonal relationship and mutational landscape of B-cell recurrences: a key to tailored treatment"
Han van Krieken, RIMLS 
Approved budget: € 597,116


undefinedImplementation project “Nationwide implementation of standardized structured reporting to support optimal treatment decisions”
Rosella Hermens ,IQ healthcare, RIHS

Approved budget: € 264,352


undefinedInfrastructural initiatives "Netherlands facility for Cancer-Immune Analysis (N-CIA)"
NKI Ton Schumacher, in collaboration with Carl Figdor from RIMLS and UMCG 
Approved budget: € 3,648,008







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