KWF Programme Research & Implementation

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KWF Kankerbestrijding (The Dutch Cancer Society) recently visited Radboudumc to present the Programme Research & Implementation (KWF PR&I). KWF aims to offer the best possible support from basic research to clinical applications through a new way of funding, reviewing and operating. KWF wants to cooperate, facilitate, stimulate, commit, integrate, and support, in order to maximize the impact on its mission goals; less cancer, more cure and an enhanced quality of life. According to the maxim ‘no spending without the patients’ opinion, the Patient Advisory Committee will, alongside with scientists and other experts, review project proposals for the implementation and practice track. Once a project is granted for funding, KWF remains heavily involved. Programme coordinators of KWF think along with the researchers, for example to seize opportunities and tackle bottlenecks. The overall aim is to fast track results from scientific research to clinical applications and the general public.

The first step to submit a project proposal for the Project Leader (PL) is by creating a personal profile. Through a series of choices the KWF Grant Management System will automatically guide you to the correct research phase, available type of funding and the corresponding form for a project proposal. Deadline first call for project proposals is April 4th, 2016.

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