KWF update & internal KWF review procedure

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The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) has the ambition to fast track results from scientific research to practical applications. To ensure this, they have launched the Programme Research & Implementation (PR&I): a new way of funding, reviewing and operating. 

For the upcoming deadine October 3, 2016, KWF introduces an additional type of funding: Research consortia.  

Based on the experience from the previous round  the GMS is adjusted in a number of points. For more information read the KWF Guidelines.  For news and updates, please read the recent newsletter


In addition, be aware of the internal review procedure of KWF project proposals, which is meant to improve the quality of the proposals and thereby raising the chance of awarding. The internal review procedure is in place for all types of projects.

Please find attached the schedule for the internal KWF review procedure. We kindly ask you to adhere to it. 

Important internal deadlines are:  

  • Registration of new application - August 8, 2016
  • Internal submission of full application - August 29, 2016
  • KWF deadline - October 3, 2016

Also, please anticipate the possibility that you will be asked to review a draft application for one of your colleagues in the upcoming round between August 29 - September 12, 2016.

Information on the KWF Program Research & Implementation can be found on the KWF website.

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