Lecture Series 2014

Lecture series

Science at its best !

The Lecture Series are intended for students, post-docs and staff interested in understanding molecular mechanisms of disease in both fundamental and clinically-related research.

We are working on the program for the Lecture Series 2014. There are 6 NCMLS Lecture Series events per year, each hosted by one of the PI's from within your theme. Do you have suggestions for the lecture Series 2014? Please let us know!

Speakers for this Lecture Series should be outstanding speakers ('hors category') from The Netherlands (Spinoza level), Europe or beyond on topics of broad NCMLS interest and beyond, fitting in our general motto "Molecular Mechanisms of Disease". Quantitatively, speakers that are internationally renowned in their field with top interdisciplinary publications (IF>10). The host is requested to organize a day/evening program for the invited speaker giving chance to discuss science informally with NCMLS colleagues. NCMLS will cover costs up to 700 euros (within Europe) and 1700 euros (outside Europe). NCMLS will support the organization where necessary.

You can supply the names of possible candidates (max 3) for whom we can invite for the lecture series 2014. Suggestions for speakers will be discussed in the NCMLS Management Team. Send suggestions to Lionne Ekers (Secretary NCMLS) via e-mail: l.ekers@ncmls.ru.nl with the following information:

  • Name of speaker + affiliation.    
  • Name of envisaged host (for invitation purposes please state if the suggested speaker is a personal contact).
  • Research theme.
  • Motivation (describe in 3 sentences why inviting this speaker is important for NCMLS.
  • List his/her 5 most important publications in last three years.

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