Lewis Sheiner Award for Stein Schalkwijk

Stein Schalkwijk_juni.jpg

On June 9, during the congress of the Population Approach Group Europe (the largest congress on quantitative pharmacology), Stein Schalkwijk received the Lewis Sheiner award for his research on dosing of HIV inhibitors during pregnancy. The title of his awarded research is “A physiologically-based population pharmacokinetic analysis to assess a lower efavirenz dose of 400 mg once daily in HIV-infected pregnant women”. Stein is Pharmacy researcher and PhD candidate at the Department of Clinicial Pharmacy. Other involved Radboudumc researchers are Dr Rob ter Heine (Clinical Pharmacy), Dr Angela Colbers (Clinical Pharmacy), Prof. David Burger (Clinical Pharmacy), Prof. Frans Russel (Pharmacology & Toxicology) and Dr Rick Greupink (Pharmacology & Toxicology).

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