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Recently, Lia Fluit, head of Research in Learning and Education of the Radboudumc Health Academy, is appointed as associate professor with a focus on learning and education in the workplace.

The learning and training of professionals predominantly takes place in practice. Learning outcomes in practice are less predictable because learning situations are more difficult to plan, and part of the learning in practice is spontaneous and not immediately visible.
The focus of her research is to get a deeper understanding of how professionals learn in practice and how they learn from and with each other (inter-professional learning), how they enter into a dialogue and provide and receive feedback, both within and between different professions, and how learning takes place when entering a new practice, for instance during internships (boundary crossing).

In addition to her research, she is involved in teaching students, PhD-students and residents concerning learning and education and qualitative research. In 2017 a course on learning for PhD will start, especially for those PhD/teachers without an educational background, that are doing research on learning or have a strong interest in learning and education.
Lia works together with several departments within the Radboudumc, and also with research departments at a national and international level. As an associate professor she will expend her research and her research network, and the sharing of knowledge and insights concerning learning and education within the health practice.



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