Experience how LifeLines benefits your research

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LifeLines is a large, population-based cohort study and biobank, following 167,729 children and adults in a family design over a minimal period of 30 years. LifeLines’ annual symposium 2015 focuses on how LifeLines benefits your research. Prof. Philip Scheltens (VUMC) will preside over the day. Keynote speakers from different disciplines will talk about the studies they perform, and how LifeLines data and samples helped boost their research. Parallel sessions focus on a few unique features. Also, LifeLines can be experienced firsthand in our mock setting, and you can speed-date our Experts in the Speeddate Café. November 3rd, De Oosterpoort, Groningen. Register today at www.lifelinessymposium.com; seats are filling up quickly!  

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