Loes Derikx wins European Thesis Award


The European Society of Biomechanics has awarded Loes Derikx with the ESB Best Thesis Award 2016 for her thesis entitled “Femoral fracture risk prediction in metastatic bone disease.”
Loes Derikx studied Biomedical Sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She conducted her PhD study at the Orthopaedic Research Lab of the Radboud university medical center Nijmegen, within the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences, and in the Human Movement Biomechanics Research Group of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Her (co-)promotors were prof. Nico Verdonschot, prof. Ilse Jonkers, Dr. Yvette van der Linden and Dr. Esther Tanck. In her PhD project, Loes developed and validated a patient-specific finite element model to improve fracture risk prediction in patients with cancer and femoral bone metastases. The model was validated against mechanical experiments and prospective patient data using physiological loading conditions derived from musculoskeletal models. Finite element models were able to predict the strength of femurs with metastatic lesions, suggesting that these models could be developed into a clinical tool to improve fracture risk prediction in patients with metastatic bone disease. The outcomes of his work include five peer reviewed journal manuscripts, one soon to be submitted manuscript and a number of awards. All reviewers agreed that she has managed to present an excellent piece of work, which was well worthy of winning the 2016 Best Thesis Award. Loes presented her work in an award keynote lecture at the ESB Congress in Lyon.

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