Looking back on successful RIHS seminar: How to get most out of your PhD part 1: Industry


On Wednesday March 13th the RIHS seminar “How to get most out of your PhD part 1: Industry” took place. There was considerable interest for the seminar; over 100 PhDs registered, and master students and postdocs joined the seminar as well. RIMLS was also well represented. Richard Janssen, vice-president Alliance management at Galapagos, started the seminar with a presentation focused on what industry expects from PhD students. In his interesting talk he emphasized that there is high quality science in industry, with a lot of high-throughput data being generated. One of his main take-home messages was that you need to be a team player if you want to work in a company, and that you can already acquire assets for working in a company during your PhD. The second speaker of the day was Jeffrey Glennon, a leading researcher at the Donders institute who had a very successful career in the pharmaceutical R&D sector for nine years. He talked lively about what PhD students can expect from a career in industry and shared his experiences and gave useful tips and tricks to the audience. He pointed out once more the importance of networking: “you have to put yourself out there. If you don’t do it, there’s no one who will do it for you”. Judith van Dongen – van den Broek was the final speaker. She is a recent PhD-graduate and shared her experiences with the Professional PhD Programme. This a programme designed by the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland for PhD students who want to gain experience with working outside academia. Not many PhD students were aware of the existence of this programme, and Judith made many people excited. Concluding, we look back on an inspiring meeting and we look forward to the next seminar on this topic: “How to get most out of your PhD part 2: Stand out in academia” on June 2nd.




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