L’Oréal UNESCO Fellowship for Simone van der Burg

Simone van der Burg

Simone van der Burg is awarded the Dutch L'Oréal UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science.

On 26 November last, the Dutch L'Oréal UNESCO Fellowships For Women in Science were awarded for the third time. The winners for this year are Simone van der Burg (IQ healthcare, Radboudumc Nijmegen) and Maryam Kavousi (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

The aim of the Fellowships For Women in Science is to promote the scientific careers of outstanding women scientists and in time to increase the percentage of women professors in the Netherlands.

The percentage of women professors in the Netherlands is 16.3%, ranking the Netherlands at a 23rd position in Europe. The only countries with a lower percentage of women professors are Belgium, Malta, Cyprus and Luxembourg.

Even though women increasingly attain the highest academic levels, they are still underrepresented at the top levels of scientific research. At the rate it is going now, it would take until 2058 for leading positions in science to be equally divided between men and women.

Dr.Simone van der Burg is a senior researcher and theme leader ethics at IQ Healthcare. She works as a project leader of various research projects, especially in the field of philosophy/ethics of new medical technologies (genetics, heel prick).

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