More or Less Pain with Muse

Can you tolerate more pain when you listen to your favorite music instead of music you hate? Researchers of the Radboudumc will investigate this on 19, 20 and 21 August during the Lowlands festival 2016. Putting your hand in a bucket of ice water, enduring electric shocks and pressure on the forearm are the three components of a pain experiment that the researchers and pain specialists from the department of anesthesiology, pain and palliative medicine are performing. Can the Lowlands visitors tolerate more pain when listening to favorite music? Or does the pain worsen if they have to listen to music they don’t like? The outcome of this research may contribute to better treatment for three million Dutch people who experience daily pain. Surgery and burns After surgery 40 to 60 percent of all patients experiences moderate to severe pain. Pain has a major negative impact on daily life, the recovery is slowing after surgery and prolonged pain may lead to a dramatic reduction in the quality of life. People with serious burns who listened to music before, during and after dressing changes were less anxious and had less pain. How this works is still unclear. The researchers hope that the research they do on Lowlands will give the people with pain a method to control the pain by themselves. "We solve pain in the Netherlands often by medication but it can have side effects. Music doesn’t have these and people can choose what and when they listen". Lowlands Science Village Several months ago a call among scientists was sent out to ask for research proposals. The best proposals will be executed during Lowlands Science Village. To view all experiments: http://lowlands.nl/programma/#category-Lowlands_Science. Lowlands Science is organized by BKB, New Scientist and Lowlands and is sponsored by IBM, Hersenstichting, SIA and KNAW.


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