Lung Foundation grant for Van Kuppevelt & Daamen

Kuppevelt, Toin van

Toin van Kuppevelt and Willeke Daamen, Dept. of Biochemistry, theme Reconstructive & Regenerative Medicine received together with Irene Heijink and Nick ten Hacken (University of Groningen) a 600,000 Euro consortium grant in the theme “Regeneration of the Lung”. The proposal is supported by Mauricio Rojas (McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Pittsburgh) and Carsten Ehrhardt (Trinity College Dublin).

Regenerative approaches for alveolar repair will be studied using mesenchymal stem cells and bio-active scaffolds in order to ultimately improve lung regeneration in emphysema patients. Mesenchymal stem cells from both emphysema patients and controls will be studied. The extracellular matrix of emphysematous and control lungs will be compared and informative bio-scaffolds will be constructed to create a micro-environment that sustains stem cell survival and function.



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