Marie Curie fellowship for Thijs Eijsvogels

Eijsvogels , Thijs

Dr Thijs Eijsvogels of the Department of Physiology has been awarded with a Horizon 2020 Marie-Curie Fellowship. With this personal grant, Thijs will join the group of Prof. Keith George at the Research Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University.

The project "CARDI-ACHE: The cardiovascular consequences of endurance exercise" aims to elucidate the clinical importance of exercise-induced cardiac troponin elevations and myocardial fibrosis in endurance athletes. Better understanding of the clinical relevance of these adaptations is important to differentiate between the beneficial and the potentially harmful effects of exercise. The significance of this project is underlined by recent studies that report novel evidence that (extreme) endurance exercise might lead to potentially detrimental cardiac maladaptations.

With this project, Thijs can combine his experience in exercise physiology (PhD work at the Dept. of Physiology, Radboudumc) and cardiology (Postdoctoral work, Hartford Hospital, Connecticut, USA) with the State-of-the-Art facilities in Prof. George's lab.

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