Marie Curie Grant “meet” obtained

Koopman, Werner

A €2.5 million Marie Curie grant involving Werner Koopman (up), Dept. of Biochemistry and Director R&D of Khondrion BV, Jan Smeitink (down), Dept. of Pediatrics and founding CEO of Khondrion BV) and Peter Willems (middle), Dept. of Biochemistry has been awarded to an international consortium including 8 basic science and clinical centres of excellence, Khondrion and Seahorse Bioscience, and a non-profit foundation. The objective of the program titled Mitochondrial European Educational Training (MEET) is to implement training-through-research programs dedicated to unravelling the pathophysiology of mitochondrial dysfunction in diverse disease conditions. MEET will provide young scientists with a full portfolio of complementary skills via programs delivered through a network of basic, translational and industrial laboratories, devoted to a multidisciplinary/multisectorial approach to education. During the 3 year grant period, two early-career researchers will further develop Khondrion techniques for high-content drug screening, and implement this platform in mitochondrial medicine treatment development.


Willems, Peter









Smeitink, Jan

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